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    0.14 OZ. / 4 g Available in six gorgeous shades, Unicorn Glow Sugar-Glazed Tint delivers a rich color payoff in a luminous, juicy shine that lasts throughout the day.
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    0.15 OZ. / 4.5 g A nourishing, glossy lip oil infused with jojoba seed oil that softens and smooths lips, giving high shine and hydration without feeling sticky.
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    Net 0.16 OZ. / 4.5 g No matter what life throws at you, UNICORN GLOW Marshmallow Blur Lip Tint stays on your lips like a magnet! The innovative, ultra-lightweight lip tint glides on effortlessly as a liquid and quickly dries down to a luxurious, velvety matte finish that stays in place until you say when! You’ll be surprised with its liquid-to-powder changing formula, featuring a breakthrough satin-matte texture that swipes on like a lip gloss and dries to a barely-there, smudge-resistant finish. Enriched with plant-based Squalane, it efficiently hydrates and nourishes your lip, delivering a comfortable feel with no feathering, clumping, or transferring. UNICORN GLOW Marshmallow Blur Lip Tint is available in 6 beautiful shades that are great for layering. Its intense staining effect ensures your colors stay on your lips because you have more important things to take care of.
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    Net 0.14 FL. OZ. / 4 mL Matte was so yesterday! Gloss is CLEARLY your BFF again! So get extreme, juicy shine with UNICORN GLOW Bloom Lip Plumper Gloss for full, wet-looking lips. This long-lasting and lightweight gloss is enriched with a nourishing blend of oils and shea butter so your lips feel soft and hydrated, not sticky! With a soothing cooling sensation, Bloom Lip Plumper Gloss plumps your lips for the ultimate sexy pout. Try it on its own or layered over your favorite lip color to play up any shade. Plus, the hygenic, jelly-like wand tip swipes on the right amount of gloss in one go. Just wipe off any lingering lip color for a super clear gloss every time. Get the big pouty lips you crave, the hydration you need, and the eye-catching shine you just have to have with UNICORN GLOW Bloom Lip Pumper Gloss!
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    Net 0.16 OZ. / 4.5 g The key to flawless, long-lasting makeup is a good primer, even on the lips! UNICORN GLOW Perfect Fit Lip Primer preps and primes for long-lasting, color-enhanced lips. Extend the wear throughout the day with this color-retaining formula and reduce smudges, creases, and feathering. Enriched with conditioning avocado oil, the lightweight, water-based gel quickly moisturizes and provides an ultra-smooth canvas for a flawless application of any lipstick. The liquid primer applies effortlessly with the soft, jelly-like wand tip, which can be easily cleaned to keep your primer fresher and longer.
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    Net Wt: 0.14 oz. / 4 g It may look like a regular lipstick, but UNICORN GLOW Tinted Lip Water Stick is a lightweight, watery lip stain that glides effortlessly onto lips, delivering a kiss-proof matte finish and a barely-there feel. Enriched with 10 hydrating Hyaluronic Acids and 59% moisture contents, its non-sticky, transfer-proof formula provides instant cool feeling and moisture to your lips. Once applied, the tinted lip water stick seamlessly melts into your lips, enveloping them in a wash of natural, featherlight color while its intense staining effect ensures your color stays on your lips, not all over the coffee cup. You can customize your color intensity with one swipe for a sweet flush or two swipes for a bold, vibrant statement, perfect for achieving a variety of trending looks from blurred, full color, or ombre’ lips.
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    Net. 0.16 oz. / 4.5 g UNICORN GLOW Essence Lip Tint makes your lips look moisturized and smooth with one swipe.
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    Net. 0.14 oz. / 4 g UNICORN GLOW Magnetic Matte Lip features vibrant color that beautifully stains lips.
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    Net. 0.18 oz. / 5 g This moisture-infused lip gloss delivers a glass pearl - like finish in lightweight with beautiful color and moisture for bright, gorgeous lips.
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    Net. 0.12 oz. / 3.5 g

    This semi matte lipstick formulated with Shea butter and Jojoba oil delivers beautiful color with a velvet soft texture with nourishing moisture.


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