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A liquid glitter, which is lightweight, dries down smoothly and provides maximum sparkle with minimal fallout.


A highly-reflective sparkling eye glitter glides on eyelids effortlessly with the quick-drying gel formula.

02 GEM


Apply on to the desired eye areas and gently blend it with an applicator or a fingertip.

For external use only. Do not use on damaged or broken skin.
Discontinue use if rash occurs during or after use.
If in eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Do not store in extreme temperature or under direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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01 Mirror, 02 Gem, 03 Ring, 04 Havana, 05 Fairy

23 reviews for GLEAM EYE GLITTER

  1. Vinester29

    This pink eye glitter is super cute. It has chunky glitters, but not too chunky. It stays right in place and such a beautiful sheen. If you’re a unicorn glitter girl then this is for you. Buy it in every color!

  2. kstars

    Lovely sparkly eyeshadow for a gleam, drawing attention to the eyes. Lasts a long time.

    I put this on several hours ago, and it still looks nice. The previous purchases of like items haven’t provided this much gleam; instead, they faded or melted into my eyelids. For example, I have many liquid eyeshadows/highlighters that look nice when you apply them, and later my eyelids look plain. I can’t even wear mascaras or eyeliners without them coming off below my eyes. I have to use a product to wipe off my eye makeup in a way that doesn’t deposit oils which will sabotage my eyeliner and other cosmetics. I am searching for shades of shadow that look great on my lids in a way that doesn’t require mascaras to look nice. This one looks nice under the brows and the lids closest to the lashline. Just a bit will do. Liquid eyeliners tend to rub off onto other places they do not belong.

    I am back to my older favorite mascara because everything else looks too faint, and the ones I have purchased/ordered tend to melt off. I hope my searching is over, and this will be my lazy-day shadow. This product is a glitter that demands some attention but does not require that I should go to the trouble of applying full makeup. It looks glassy and ethereal hours after the application so I will wear it often. The liquid dries and adheres well. I want to be precise.

    This product is gold-based, and the other is light champagne, even silvery. I am rethinking my makeup all the time. Maybe now I can depend on something for a more extended period. This one will wash off easily, paying due diligence to the sparkles; those will come off after a few more rubs of makeup remover cleanser. This liquid with a sponge applicator is less pigmented yet has an impact.

    The products I like do not make my eyes sensitive. I wore this product throughout the night, and I applied it again this morning. It is almost dark now. I do not have any irritation. The tube size is small and takes up so little space that I will pack it with my makeup when I am on the go in a hurry.

    This makeup item is a great value, and I will repurchase it.


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  3. MJ

    Lovely – Chrome & Glitter Shadow
    UNICORN GLOW Gleam Eye Glitter 03 Ring, 0.14 oz. / 4 g

    This shimmer shadow is just gorgeous. It has a gold cream base that is topped with a reflective glow that lasts all day. There is some micro glitter in the mix which reflects light and looks amazing. A little goes a long way – so just apply a small amount and distribute this with your fingertips by tapping. The finish really looks like chrome if you built it up a bit.

    It comes in a basic applicator tube with doe-foot and is easy to apply. There was no seal on the box or tube.

    Made in Korea

  4. Tink Martin

    So much sparkle! I love this!

    This product is so much fun! The color I got, Ring, has tiny little bits of sparkle that is really more like a shimmer until the light hits it. I will be wearing this every day.

    The applicator is easy to use, though my technique is more like “Apply a little on the eyelid, then distribute with your finger”. I don’t want layers and layers of this; it would look awesome, but not on me.

    My only complaint is that I don’t have all the colors yet!

    Bottom line: Fun, twinkly eye-bedazzlement at a really good price. This is a win!

    [This is a review for UNICORN GLOW Gleam Eye Glitter 03 Ring, 0.14 oz. / 4 g B09B13QW2S]

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  5. Miss Pink Lemonade

    Glittery, Dramatic, Buildable! Just Perfect!

    This arrives in a cute little box. Love that! Then, I really like the clean, easy-to-use applicator! It makes application a breeze. Nice!

    Now, this is buildable. You can go light or you can really create a wild look. In either case, both are great for clubbing, parties, etc. It is super glittery and intense! (I would also have no problem with my teenage daughter wearing this to school: it’s playful and fun, but not too “mature.”)

    Super glittery, super cute! And, this does not irritate your eyes or skin (which is great because glitter can be tricky). So impressive! Highly recommended!

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    Image #1 from Miss Pink Lemonade
  6. The Gabster

    Sparkle and Shine

    I am an Octogenarian but love minimal Make-up and looking good’ this morning I went for my physical exam and my physique and her staff loved my eye sparkly lids. My next appointment was T my dentist’s office for a leaning with the loveliest dental hygienist in the world and she couldn’t get over my sparkly eyeliner and immediately wanted to know wher she could buy it. Everyone loves it and it makes me feel glamorous and young. Looking for a gift or wishing to do something special for yourself, thi si it! Love it and wanted to share my experience with you 🌈

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